March 29, 2010

~ASSURE MODEL and Teaching Aids~

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Salam to all…

Post kali ni nk bgtahu sket psl tugasan kedua yang kena kitorang buat…kitorang kena sediakan teaching aids atau alat bantu mengajar(ABM) berdasarkan satu model pembelajaran…kami telah sepakat memilih model ASSURE dan menyediakan ABM untuk topic Acid and Base…dan inilah hasilnya….

Developing The Learning And Teaching Aids for Chemistry Subject by ASSURE model

(Topic: Acid and Base)


-General Characteristics (Descriptions of the class as a whole ; for examples the number of students,grade or age level, gender, socioeconomic factors,cultural/ethnic/or types of diversity)-Entry competencies

(Description of the types of knowledge of the learners)

-Lerning styles

(Description of the learning stylistic preferences of the individual members of the class : such as visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic

1) Form 4 students

2) 30 students

3) 16 years old girl and boys student

4) Various of ethnic group; Malay, Chinese and  Indians students

5) Students only have poor prior knowledge about acid and base

6) Verbal, Logical, Structured learning styles


– Statements describing what the learner will do as a result of instruction.

There is a guide to state objective using ABCD’s

-Audience :  Form 4 of Science class

-Behaviour to be demonstrated : acid and base properties

-Conditions under with behaviour will be observed :during a simple quiz at the end of the class

-Degree to which the learned skills are to be mastered :Able to differentiate between  acid and base

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1) To state the meaning the acid and base

2) To differentiate the physical properties of acid and base

3) To State the use of acid and base in daily life


-This is the step where the Instructor will build a bridge between the audience and the objectives. You need to decide what method you will primarily use: a lecture, group work, a  field trip, etc. What media you will use: photos, multimedia, video, a computer? Are you using store bought materials, getting an outside resource to provide materials, modifying something you already have, or making something from scratch?

We choose to use :

1) Charts

2) Pictures

– Orange fruit

– Toothpaste

3) Handouts

-short notes


4) Model of acid’s molecule



Steps before teaching

-Steps in teaching

-Preview the material

-Prepare the material

-Prepare the learners(Give them the overview about the learning and teaching process that they will be facing

-Provide the learning experience

Steps before Teaching

1) Prepare, preview and test all of the materials(charts, pictures, model  and handouts) before enteringthe class.For the handouts, we should copy it more than the number of students.

2) Prepare the environment. Choose the suitable space forthe learning  and teaching process (classroom). Students willbe divide into 6 groups , Group A,B,C,D,E,F and G(5 person in a group).

Steps in Teaching

  1. Teacher show to student 2 pictures which contains a picture of orange fruit and toothpasted.
  2. Teacher ask the student about the properties of both orange and toothpaste and their opinion on how it related with today lesson.
  3. Teacher call 2 student to answer.
  4. Teacher correct students answer and gives the topis of the day i.e “ Acid and Base”
  1. Teacher state the meaning of acid and base.
  2. Teacher give example of acid and base.
  3. To gives more understanding to the student, teacher show a model of acid’s molecule to the students.
  4. Teacher explains to students the equations of ionisation for acid and base  in water.
  5. In the group devided earlier, teacher asks student to discuss within the group member and do some exercise on the handout given.

10.  Teacher discuss and correct student answer.

11.  Teacher describes physical properties of acids and bases.

12.  To clear student understanding, teacher show 2 chart about the physical properties of acid and bases.

13.  Teacher devided the student into 2 major group. Group Alpha contain all the members from group A,B and C meanwhile Group Beta contain all members from group D,E,and F.

14.  Teacher asks the member of Group Alpha to discuss and find the uses of acids in their daily life meanwhile Group Beta to discuss the uses of bases in their daily life.

15.  Teacher and students discuss the answer and teacher gives the correct answer.

Closure 16.  Teacher revised back all the knowledge that being told today.

17.  Teacher reminded the student about some keywords that has being learned today.

18.  Teacher give to all student handout containing short notes and question about today topic for their assessment.


-Describe how you will, in the future, measure whether or not the lesson objectives were met.  Were the media and the instruction effective?

-Evaluate students performance

-Evaluate media components

-Evaluate instructor performances

  1. Evaluate student performances by :

-ask them the questions to determine whether they understand the learning process or not.

2.   Evaluate the aid of teaching components

i) Charts

ii) Pictures

– Orange fruit

– Toothpaste

iii) Handouts

-short notes


iv) Model of acid’s molecule

3.   Evaluate instructor performances

-ask the comment from the students about :

* the teacher’s behaviour during teaching

* the teacher’s face expression

* the voice of the teacher


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